Garbage Disposals

When it comes to keeping your kitchen sanitary and spotless, never underestimate the role of your garbage disposal. A good disposal prevents clogging and other plumbing problems, lowering the risk of damage to your pipes over a long period of time. Freedom Plumbing offers quality garbage disposal installation and maintenance throughout Lexington. Whether you own a home or a restaurant, we’ll keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Signs You Need a New Disposal

It’s important to know when your disposal is working well and when it’s due for replacement. If you are disposing of greasy foods and use your disposal on a regular basis, it may wear down after a while and signs that you need a new one will begin to appear.

You likely need a new garbage disposal if:

  • Your sink is frequently clogged
  • The disposal often fails to turn on
  • The disposal makes loud, unpleasant, or otherwise unusual noises
  • You frequently have to reset the disposal to get it to work
  • There is a strong, lasting odor coming from your sink
  • You notice water leaking beneath your sink

Although it’s sometimes possible to repair a broken garbage disposal, the more serious these problems are, the more likely it is that you need to install a new unit. If you’re unsure, Freedom Plumbing is happy to assess the severity of your disposal problems and let you know what your options are.

Freedom Plumbing offers a wide range of disposals from a variety of different brands. We install your disposal quickly and effectively, making sure to incorporate it seamlessly into your sink and plumbing equipment. For more information or to schedule our services for your Lexington, SC home or business, contact us today!

We had a reoccurring plumbing issue at our office. Numerous different plumbers came and attempted to fix it but it kept coming back. James with Freedom plumbing was the only one that continued to investigate until he finally discovered what the actual issue was from the beginning. He even called in the county and had them come take a look. He remained on site and assisted them until the issue was fully diagnosed and a plan of action was determined. His extra effort scores 5 stars in my book. Highly recommend Freedom Plumbing!

Trey P.